How to buy

  1. Download the trust wallet app from google play or app store
  2. Create a wallet (if you don’t have one)
  3. Send BNB (BEP20) to the wallet
  4. Enable Browser tab (FOR IOS ONLY, ANDROID USERS SKIP THIS STEP) – Open Safari browser and paste this command: trust://browser_enable -> follow the steps and you will have the browser enabled in the trust wallet app.
  5. Once you have browser enable and the android users DApps -> Tap on it and find Pancakeswap.
  6. Open pancakeswap and notice if you are connected to you wallet, top right corner.

Now you will be here

7. Make sure you have Slippage Tolerance 12% as in the picture(if not, change it to 12%) – this can vary so increase it or decrease it if the swap cannot be made.

8. Put the following contract -> TBA in the second field and press SWAP and confirm the transaction.

NOTE: If the price impact is high(red colored), buy less amount and repeat after)

  1. Download the Metamask browser extension from
  2. Go to this address: -> Press “I understand” and “Continue”

3. Connect to the Metamask wallet. Do not forget to transfer BNB to the wallet. For this transfer follow this tutorial:

4. Once connected, make sure you have the Slippage Tolerance set to 12%, but this can vary so modify it until it works.

5. Swap the token and HODL

NOTE: If the price impact is high(red colored), buy less amount and repeat after)

If you have any questions or need help setting up your wallet, you can always ask KUDOS community, we advice you to use our Telegram Channel and keep in mind that admins will never DM you first, as well none of our team will ever ask you your personal informations, private keys or any sensitive information.

Scammers are everywhere, stay away from them by doing some simple checks as contract address to be the right one, always double check when sending funds if your copied wallet address is the same with pasted one (there are hacks that replace your address) and ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.