We present you KUDOS (KUDO$)

We present you KUDOS (KUDO$)

26/05/2021 Announcements 0

After long thinking and studying what’s happening in this amazing crypto market, we have decided to build and launch KUDOS BSC (KUDO$) Token, on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

We aim to make the world a better place, thru community projects, voting system and more. This last 2 years have proven how fragile life is and how easily society can change and instability can deploy in a blink of an eye. More and more people need help, support and a place where to feel secure, to know you will gain financially by investing and getting Liquidity Mining/Holder Income, in the same time you contribute with your votes and purposes to KUDOS community (TG) and helping different causes and cases.

Our vision is to change society, even if you help out a few people or many, you are going to be part of that person’s life change and evolution or help cleaning the oceans, save animals, support services, anything that will make a difference, no matter how small it is, it counts. That’s why, as one we can build and make beautiful things, there is no I in KUDOS, just U and U can make a difference.

Step one was to launch KUDOS on BSC and we did it, with 70% Tokens Burned and 0.2 BNB Liquidity, we got 30+ wallets, Market Cap under $5,000 and slowly building a stable identity for KUDOS.

Step two, launch our KudosBSC.com, again we did it, we take our time to make things happen, planning and following the plans, will bring quality results. Developing our social identity totally organic without spams, bots and other you know what methods. We are here for the long run and we plan to actually do something beautiful.

Step three is to establish a strong social identity as mentioned earlier, as organic as possible, to give KUDOS the actual meaning of the word, allowing a self growth and success among all, this is possible only with you being part of it. More will be announced and published when ready.

How does it work you may ask yourself.
It’s quite simple, every time a transaction is made, either buy, either sell, a fee of 10% applies, 5% goes to liquidity, 5% goes to the holder on top of what he already holds. As many transactions, return will be higher each time.
All KUDOS holders should join our TG and be part of purposing and voting pools and all other socials. It will be a good idea, if you are a holder, to help promoting this project and support it on socials, join our Telegram Group and be part of the change by purposing and voting, helping developing together.

KUDOS for you and every single holder.